Cyber Hosts

Personalize your web site with a cyber host.

A cyber host is a great way to put a face on your site. Literally. You can select your CEO, a spokesperson, entertainment personality or whomever else you might like. Then we film your host over a chroma-key screen so only that person's image appears on the home page. It's that easy. And the possibilities are limitless.

Your Cyber Host can guide and influence how your audience navigates your site. It allows you to control your organization's first impression.

Cyberspace can be a cold, silent vacuum filled with words and images. Adding a human element helps you stand out from the rest.

Our Website video services can help you do just that.

Cyber Host Benefits

  • Personally Welcome & Guide Visitors
  • Easier & Friendlier Way to Explain a Web Process
  • It's all about Your 1st Impression